Friday, June 8, 2007

"Where the hell is Admiral Hall!" (Not a question)

The doors of my command center blew open the other day and a booming voice startled my staff. "Where the hell is Admiral Hall?" was the question that served as an announcement that classmate and friend, General Dave Papak had arrived in town. Luggage lost and needing a shave from a 30 plus hour trek from New Orleans to Bahrain, Dave flashed his signature smile and an impromptu NAPS '72 - USNA '76 reunion was called to order.

After catching up with each other Dave ran off to the Horn of Africa to check on his Marines serving there. On his route back through Bahrain we continued to catch up and swap stories over beers at the Fiddler's Green pub at the Diplomat Hotel where he was staying. I mention the Fiddler's Green because that was the name of our enlisted club at Naval Training Center Bainbridge where we all started on this path 36 years ago. We are no longer 19 years old but the laughter and stories and friendship have not aged at all. Great seeing you Dave.

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Ken Golden said...

Gary, great to see your handsome face and know you are nestled safely aboard my alternate Flagship, the wonderful Bonnie Dick. She was one of the 7 ships of Amphibious Task Force West when we went to war in 2003 and Jon Berg-Johnson was CO and did a super job. Rode my Harley from Sydney to Brisbane and placed her aboard the BHR to rejoin the Task Force for the trip home. All the best old Friend and be safe. vr Kenny Golden