Saturday, July 14, 2007

Iraqi Oil Platform Visit

Iraq's oil provides them with over 90% of their GDP. 95 % of that oil flows through two platforms in the extreme northern Arabian Gulf. These two platforms reside inside Iraqi territorial waters which are often under dispute with both Iran and Kuwait. Iran is the most aggressive in claiming Iraq's waters as there own. This dispute led to the unlawful detention of 15 UK Naval personnel on March 23 2007 by the Iranian Republican Guard Corps Navy. Next week ESG 2 will take the lead in protecting these waters by commanding the coalition task force whose members include the UK, Australia, Iraq and Singapore navies.

This is a quick look at how you get around this territory and a glimpse of the young men and women who work tirelessly in this difficult and harsh environment. The temperature was a mire 120+ degrees F during this visit.

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