Friday, June 8, 2007

USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6

My flagship is presently the USS Bonhomme Richard Commanded by my good friend Captain Steve Greene callsign "Greeno." I've known Greeno for over 25 years now; a friendship starting when I first taught him to fly the SH-2F LAMPS helicopter back in the early 80's.
Steve, in his words, is living the dream. He commands over 1000 Sailors and Marines as well as one of the Navy's greatest ships. A quick walkabout on his ship and you see a shipshape squared away outfit with high morale and a professional crew. It was a real treat to visit his ship while the crew loaded gear to respond to any humanitarian relief efforts following Cyclone GONU's passage through the Gulf of Oman. Thanks for a super visit Steve. All Americans can sleep tight tonight knowing you and your crew stand the watch here in the Middle East and around the globe.


Steve Greene said...

Admiral, it was an honor to have you aboard your flagship again. The crew and I appreciated and enjoyed your visit and remarks over the ship's general announcing system, the 1MC. Looking forward to your "hat trick" as my distinguished Change of Command guest speaker. And the Aide looked great with his new oak leaves, hinge and frontal lobotmy! Happy Birthday and V/R, Greeno

Southern said...

Admiral and husband Steve,

Two very distinguished gentlemen, beaming for the camera. Take excellent care of your troops and yourselves, stay safe. My best to Darlene and the kids. Sam's video was fabulous, NASA and Smithsonian material. Sent comments to Sam as well. Thanks for speaking at Steve's COC, that is a treat for him, sorry I have to miss it.
My very best to you Garry and Love to Steve--- Karen Greene.