Monday, June 4, 2007

Promotion Day at the Headquarters in Bahrain

June 1st I had the opportunity to promote my Flag Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander. When I was an Aide my Admiral said the Navy was made up of young studs, old fuds and lieutenant commanders. Today the young stud Mike was moved up to one of the greatest ranks in Naval Aviation. His next assignment will be as a LAMPS officer in charge and squadron department head.

The oath of office is given before any new rank can be worn or pay spent. Mike is perhaps the best "Dog Robber" in the Navy today. Google "Dog Robber" or watch "The Americanization of Emily."

Mrs Lee you are cleared to spend that extra money.

Every new rank comes with added responsibility and a little added weight. Hmmm, that new uniform is a little tight.

The real shocker was left for Petty Officer Second Class Hosein. I caught him offguard with a spot promotion to Petty Officer First Class. He represents everything that is good about the Navy and he is living the dream. The Master Chief and I suprised him so much that he was speechless. I don't think there was a dry eye in ranks.

Overall a Super Navy and Marine Corps Day!

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