Monday, August 27, 2007

Does Bourbon Street ever close?

The answer is a definite NO. At least not before one runs out of "gas."

Following Courtney's graduation, she and I had a little road trip to Norfolk Virginia. First stop on our trip was New Orleans. It is two years this week since Katrina hit. While we saw much of the damage, the heartbeat of New Orleans, Bourbon Street is rocking. We stayed at a neat boutique hotel that was just a hop, skip and a jump to Bourbon Street. So after a late night check in at our hotel, we hopped over the homeless guy sleeping on the sidewalk, skipped around some strange looking characters and jumped to the beat of Bourbon Street. Three and a half hours later we hit the hay with a small buzz and a smile from all the music and dancing. New Orleans will come back because her heart is beating strong.

Old time jazz men playing their hearts out to a hopping and appreciative house crowd.

Court with the band leader after buying his CD. These guys are great.

When in Rome drink what the Romans drink - in New Orleans it's the most powerful drink known to man - the trademarked Hand grenade. Two please.

Court armed to the teeth with huricanes and hand grenades.

Mmmmm, slurp - a little fruity - but not as powerful as Mojo - but I do feel like dancing!

A little history lesson as we head back to the hotel.

You never who you'll run into when your traveling with the globe trotting Courtney. Famous jazz men and rock singers. Tonight we ran into a buddy of Court's from Texas. Small world.

Let's sleep in and then it's off to kiss the moose in Pensacola Florida.

PS One Hand Grenade is enough to lube the old joints and get an old man moving to the beat.

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Courtney said...

haha we did have a great time. cant wait to go back. love you dad